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I Contain Multitudes

Ed Yong

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Tiny ecosystems of microbes live inside your body. This book shows how they affect your life and how to utilize them to improve your well-being.


I Contain Multitudes

I Contain Multitudes

by Ed Yong


We often have a poor perception of microbes. For some, the word 'microbe' evokes food poisoning, or maybe the infamous COVID-19. However, they aren't all bad. Many microbes have a symbiotic relationship with humans and are essential to our life.

In I Contain Multitudes, science journalist Ed Yong dives deep into this riveting microscopic world. Yong explores the importance of microbes in maintaining our health and ecosystem, as well as how to differentiate the good from the bad.

Favorite quote

Within 24 hours of moving into a new place we overwrite it with our own microbes, turning it into a reflection of ourselves.

- Ed Yong

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