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I Am Bolt

Benjamin Turner, Gabe Turner

5 mins

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This documentary tracks the legacy of legendary runner Usain Bolt as he prepares for the 2016 Olympics in Rio.


I Am Bolt

I Am Bolt

by Benjamin Turner


Born in Jamaica, athlete Usain Bolt has taken the track and field world by storm during the course of his career, eventually becoming the fastest person in recorded human history. Bolt has won nine olympic gold medals, earning him a 'triple-triple'; the same Gold medal for the same three events at three consecutive Olympics. Here, we see how he got there.

Benjamin and Gabe Turner are brothers known for their work on documentary feature films. Previous works include In the Hands of the Gods, Class of '92, and feature film The Guvnors.

With the added bonus of the story behind Bolt's success, the Turner brothers present an inspiring portrait of one of the world's most skilled athletes.

Favorite quote

I like to set myself apart from the rest, and I'm setting the standard.

- Usain Bolt

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