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Adam Curtis

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Hypernormalisation is a poignant look at our society's retreat from utopian ideals of progress, and the increasing substitution of images for reality.




by Adam Curtis


Today, news of current events are delivered to us in a dizzying array of images and narratives, all vying for our attention. But if you feel the world presented in the 24-hour news cycle is seeming increasingly surreal, you're not alone.

Adam Curtis is a four-time British Academy Television Award winner who's been creating documentaries since the 80s that examine the intersection of history, politics, and media. In Hypernormalisation, Curtis traces the history of how dreams of social progress were replaced with social management – and the unexpected consequences of this retreat.

Presented in a mashup of music, archival footage, and interviews, Hypernormalisation takes a look at the complexities and contradictions of the world we see in the news.

Favorite quote

It's a strategy of power that keeps any opposition constantly confused – a ceaseless shape-shifting that is unstoppable because it is indefinable.

- Adam Curtis

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