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Human Resources: Compensation and BenefitsBy Wayne Cascio

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In Human Resources, you'll find out how to manage your company's compensation scheme, whether in a small or large business, by ensuring that all your pay, benefits, incentives, and rewards are adequately catered for.

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Benefits are a key part of your compensation package and often account for 30% or more of total compensation.

Wayne Cascio


For both employers and employees, salaries and compensation are of the utmost importance. Employees need to feel that they're receiving fair pay for their work efforts. It's also important for employers to clarify with their employees how they should go about earning more money and which criteria they need to meet to step up.

Wayne Cascio is a professor in the business school at the University of Colorado, Denver, with decades of experience in writing, teaching, and consulting. In Human Resources: Compensation and Benefits, Cascio takes a strategic approach to the subject. The course addresses both business strategy and legal requirements, to show how these two elements can allow you to adjust your compensation schemes and pay your teams fairly.

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    Think strategically about your compensation
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