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Human Compatible

Stuart Russell

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Computer scientist Stuart Russell sets out his case for the dangers of super-intelligent AI and how we can change the course of history before technology gets the better of us.


Human Compatible

Human Compatible

by Stuart Russell


AI is set to become mankind's dominant technology, with many thinking it will quickly outpace human intellectual capacity. But what position will this new technology occupy in our lives?

Stuart Russell OBE is a British computer scientist and a professor at the University of California, Berkeley, where he founded the Centre for Human-Compatible Artificial Intelligence (CHAI). In this book, Russell translates the findings of his field for the benefit of the non-scientific public.

Outlining what we know about AI as well as what we can reasonably predict for the future, Human Compatible recommends measures humanity should take to protect itself against the potential dangers of a technology that may one day surpass it.

Favorite quote

Everything civilization has to offer is a product of our intelligence; gaining access to considerably greater intelligence would be the biggest event in human history.

- Stuart Russell

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