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How to Write a Killer Book Proposal

Sally McGraw

5 mins

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This course teaches how to create an exciting book proposal that reveals what's unique about you and your story, drives sales, and ensures that your book is well-received in the market.


How to Write a Killer Book Proposal

How to Write a Killer Book Proposal

by Sally McGraw


A book proposal is much more than a summary of your book. It's a marketing tool that should convince agents and editors to become your partner and get your book out into the world. Your book proposal reveals what you're offering and communicates your commitment to ensuring that the book does well once released.

Sally McGraw is a writer and editor with over 15 years of experience; her blog on body image and style has garnered millions of readers worldwide. In this course, McGraw introduces the six essential components of a book proposal, including proposal overview, target audience, market analysis, author's biography, marketing section or author platform, and chapter by chapter outline. The course also reveals exciting and creative ways to share information on your book, get it published, and have it sell.

Favorite quote

Keep your book design clean and readable, and let your writing shine through.

- Sally McGraw

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