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How to Use Data Visualization to Make Better Decisions - FasterBy Steve Wexler

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Data visualization expert Steve Wexler discusses practical ways to gain more insights from data, allowing both individuals and organizations to make informed, intelligent decisions.

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Most organizations are drowning in data but are thirsty for understanding. An abundance of information doesn't do you any good if you're not able to understand it or communicate its significance.

Steve Wexler


We live in a world of data abundance, with data increasingly becoming our most valuable commodity. But with all this data floating around, how can we actually make sense of it?

Steve Wexler, founder of Data Revelations and author of The Big Picture, is a leading expert on data visualization who has consulted organizations ranging from ExxonMobil to Stanford University on how to better understand data. In this course, Wexler offers practical, evidence-based data visualization solutions that are sure to enhance your graphical literacy skills.

Data visualization is essential to aid in communication and persuasion, both in professional and personal settings. As the world becomes more data-rich, learning to create meaningful, informative charts is likely to become a critical skill for any professional.

Here are the 3 key insights from this Hack

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    The use of color and bar charts can help to demonstrate the big picture
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