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How to Train Your Brain for Maximum Growth

Pete Mockaitis

5 mins

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This course offers easy steps for consciously training your brain to make the most of your personal growth.


How to Train Your Brain for Maximum Growth

How to Train Your Brain for Maximum Growth

by Pete Mockaitis


Although we may not think of it as just another muscle, our brain can in fact be trained to work more efficiently. But to effectively train your brain for maximum output, you need to understand the basic strategies you can use to improve its functionality.

Pete Mockaitis has worked with several top executives and business leaders, helping them become more effective in their day-to-day functioning. In this course, Mockaitis teams up with neuroscientist Dr. Tara Swart, who explains the principles behind neuroplasticity and how it cam help us solve problems, control our emotions, and meet challenges.

Favorite quote

If we are introducing changes, then we become more resilient to unexpected stressors and things that happen to us.

- Pete Mockaitis

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