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How to Succeed at Writing Applications

University of Sheffield

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This course from The University of Sheffield is a practical guide to getting a job or course place, providing tips on successful research and writing applications.


How to Succeed at Writing Applications

How to Succeed at Writing Applications

by University of Sheffield


Most of us have ended up in the application reject pile at some point, but often, it's unclear where we're going wrong. From the obvious to the ingenious, the University of Sheffield's How to Succeed at Writing Applications course offers tips and insights for anybody applying for jobs or academic courses.

This employability course is presented by career advisor Katie Casserly, while the course's content was written by Casserly in collaboration with her University of Sheffield Careers Service colleagues.

How to Succeed at Writing Applications covers how to prepare for the application process, practice writing résumés and cover letters, and successfully tackle application forms.

Favorite quote

I can normally gauge if a candidate's interested in us through the research they've done. I'm not just talking about the standard research they can glean from the website, but perhaps wider info or knowledge that they've picked up elsewhere.

- Khalil Ayub, Virgin Media

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