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How to Study for Exams

Ali Abdaal

5 mins

3 key insights

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How to Study for Exams will help you discover strategies for understanding information, recalling what you've learned, and retaining your focus, making it easier to have the correct answers at your fingertips.


How to Study for Exams

How to Study for Exams

by Ali Abdaal


Preparing for an exam can be taxing, as you try and remember as much information as possible to give you a good chance at passing. You have to focus on maximizing the amount of knowledge you've learned while minimizing the time it took to learn it.

In this course, doctor and YouTuber Ali Abdaal draws on his experience as a medical student to reveal how he was able to study effectively while also maintaining his career as a content creator.

How to Study for Exams is a course broken down into three parts. The first part focuses on understanding what is fundamental to effective study, the second part on memorization, retention, and the mind, and the third part on maintaining focus and motivation.

Favorite quote

There are three key steps to effective studying: understanding, remembering, and focus.

- Ali Abdaal

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