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How to Stand Out

Ash Kumra, Madecraft

5 mins

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This course teaches you how you can use personal branding to make a name for yourself and achieve success.


How to Stand Out

How to Stand Out

by Ash Kumra


Today's hyperconnected business environment is in many ways more competitive than ever. But increasingly, competition is not so much about beating your opponents as it is about differentiating yourself from them.

In this course, Ash Kumra, award-winning entrepreneur, national radio host, and co-founder of Peak Mindful platform, leads you through the most useful techniques that will help you stand out. Having interviewed hundreds of thought leaders, Ash was able to combine his personal experience with viewpoints of other thought leaders, and came up with the best possible set of strategies that already helped numerous people reach success.

Favorite quote

Just never give up, find ways to thrive, find ways to grow, seek out help. It's okay to be vulnerable in this day and age, because the best leaders that I've interviewed, the best leaders that I have studied alongside you, find this way to succeed.

- Ash Kumra

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