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How to Speak Up Against Racism at Work

Dana Brownlee

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In this thought-provoking how-to guide, workplace antiracist thought leader Dana Brownlee teaches us how to speak up against injustice so we can strive for inclusivity and fairness in the corporate world.


How to Speak Up Against Racism at Work

How to Speak Up Against Racism at Work

by Dana Brownlee


We all strive to create a welcoming and friendly place of work for ourselves and others. But for people of color in predominantly white societies, work settings can be fraught with tension, aversive racism, and ignorance. Speaking up gives us an opportunity to both strive for a better quality of life at work and uncover an organization's true values. Once we get to know whether the company we work for embraces diversity and antiracist values or not, we can make an informed decision about our life choices.

Dana Brownlee is a senior contributor to Forbes, keynote speaker, author, and workplace antiracism facilitator. In How to Speak Up Against Racism at Work, she guides us through safely speaking up, working towards genuine solutions, actively listening to our colleagues, and confronting our own internal biases.

Favorite quote

There's no such thing as non-racist. You're either racist, or anti-racist.

- Ibram X. Kendi

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