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How to Speak Machine

John Maeda

5 mins

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Humanist technologist, artist, and computer scientist John Maeda explores the relationship between humans and the technology we create, how we can keep up with progress, and how to retain our humanity in an exponentially changing world.


How to Speak Machine

How to Speak Machine

by John Maeda


Visionary designer, technologist, and former president of the Rhode Island School of Design John Maeda takes us on a journey into the heart – and brain – of the machine.

Marrying principles of design, humanism, and computer science, Maeda delivers an intriguing glimpse into what's going on 'behind the screens' and offers ideas on how we can ensure that technology develops in an inclusive and non-discriminatory way.

Aimed at designers, leaders, policymakers, and humans generally, How to Speak Machine is a valuable starting point for those who want to understand the inner workings of the modern world and the evolving place of humans in an increasingly tech-driven society.

Favorite quote

Our machines are incomplete and imperfect, like us. Our machines are increasingly instrumented and know what we're up to … Our machines are automating imbalance all over the world on our watch. Mind the machines. Mind the humans. Let's go.

- John Maeda

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