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How to Slash Anxiety and Keep Positivity Flowing

Pete Mockaitis

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Pete Mockaitis talks to author and entrepreneur Anne Grady to reveal what it takes to build resilience and teach us how to redirect our mental habits to work in our favor.


How to Slash Anxiety and Keep Positivity Flowing

How to Slash Anxiety and Keep Positivity Flowing

by Pete Mockaitis


Anne Grady has experienced life challenges that required constant resilience – a child born with a psychiatric disorder, an unexpected separation from her husband, and a medical condition that disfigured her face. Yet Grady's struggles helped her develop the skills she needed to survive and thrive.

Today, Grady is a bestselling author, speaker and entrepreneur with a Master's degree in organizational communication and 20 years' experience in professional development, communication, leadership, emotional intelligence, and, most importantly, resilience. After seeing how well it worked for her, Grady set out to educate others in ways to bounce back from different kinds and levels of tragedy.

In this course, adapted from Pete Mockaitis' podcast, How to Be Awesome at Your Job, Grady teaches us that experiencing adversity is a natural part of life. How to Slash Anxiety and Keep Positivity Flowing teaches us why it's essential to persevere regardless of the obstacles we may come across in pursuit of our goals, without suppressing or denying the impact of the loss.

Favorite quote

Resilience is one of those things you don't find until you realize you need it.

- Anne Grady

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