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How to Sell TechBy Charlie Cowan

In a Nutshell

Selling technology to businesses can be one of the most rewarding careers, but getting started can be hard. How To Sell Tech introduces you to the Sales Flywheel and the external and internal tasks that will help you succeed.

Favorite Quote

Sales is one of the few careers where what you do this month can directly impact what you earn next month.

Charlie Cowan


Selling is one of the most exciting jobs and can provide you with outsized returns in terms of financial rewards and career progression.

But learning about selling and how to be successful as a salesperson is hard.

Charlie Cowan has been selling for 20 years and shares his experience on what it takes to be consistently successful in the field.

Most sales training assumes you know the basics, and word of mouth becomes your main source of information.

Fortunately, Cowan guides you through the foundational aspects of the sales role, using the Sales Flywheel to take you step by step through the tasks you'll perform in your role.

Here are the 3 key insights from this Hack

  1. 1.
    Empathy is the most important skill for a successful sales career
  2. 2.
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