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How to Read a Novel

The University of Edinburgh, Benjamin Bateman, Carolina Buffoli

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Get more from enjoyment, depth, and understanding from your reading by learning the basics of what makes up a novel.


How to Read a Novel

How to Read a Novel

by The University of Edinburgh


Writing a novel is a multilayered, herculean task, no matter the author. We tend to think of talent as the chief requirement, but there is a tremendous amount of skill and craft that goes into the process. The layers and nuances of a novel can be difficult to discern and interpret for any reader who doesn't know what to look for.

Professor Benjamin Bateman, English literature lecturer and judge for the James Tait Black Prize for fiction, and teaching assistant Carolina Buffoli take the time to explain the pieces that come together to form a novel.

This FutureLearn course, presented by The University of Edinburgh, covers what it takes to craft a novel, using timeless examples from history's most celebrated authors. How To Read A Novel is perfect for any literature lover looking to demystify the process of analyzing fiction.

Favorite quote

It is often the case that the narrator is unreliable when the plot is being communicated to us by a character who feels obliged to explain or excuse their own past behavior.

- Carolina Buffoli

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