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How to Own the World

Andrew Craig

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A practical and accessible guide to the basics of financial literacy, investing, and how you can make your money work harder in a rapidly changing world.


How to Own the World

How to Own the World

by Andrew Craig


Many of us believe that financial literacy is a luxury. We're not taught about finance in school, and talking about money is often viewed as taboo. If we're lucky, our parents teach us the basics of investing and saving. But most muddle through personal finance without understanding how money works — and how we can make it work for us.

Andrew Craig is an investment manager, bestselling author, and the founder of financial education platform Plain English Finance. In this 2019 title, Craig delivers a concise primer in investing.

Aimed at those with little to no investment experience, How to Own the World demystifies finance and provides simple strategies to get your money working harder.

Favorite quote

There is an essential life skill that has never been and still isn't taught to the masses: how to manage, control and invest money to protect and provide for your financial future.

- Mark Shipman, fund manager

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