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How to Make Sh*t Happen

Sean Whalen

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How to Make Sh*t Happen empowers you to stop making excuses, pick yourself up, and get motivated to move forward, whether that be at work, or in your personal life.


How to Make Sh*t Happen

How to Make Sh*t Happen

by Sean Whalen


The key to a successful life lies in motivation and consistency. Sean Whalen's life is a testament to that. Serial entrepreneur and founder of multiple companies, Whalen rose to prominence as a lifestyle coach, bestselling author, and right-wing political commentator.

Whalen's philosophy centers around creating healthy daily habits and taking immediate action to achieve your goals. There is no secret to Whalen's success, besides picking himself up every day and working diligently. In How To Make Sh*t Happen, Whalen passes on his techniques for action.

Whalen named his technique 'Core 4.' The key is to take action every day in four areas: body, relationships, mind, and business. No matter what excuses you may come up with, you must push through and conquer your mind — this is the only key to a successful and fulfilling life.

Favorite quote

The investments you make in yourself today will all shape the person you are tomorrow, next week, next year, and for the rest of your life.

- Andy Frisella, entrepreneur

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