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How to Make a Successful Move Abroad

Kristen Palana

5 mins

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In How to Make a Successful Move Abroad, Kristen Palana shows us how to relocate to another country as smoothly as possible.


How to Make a Successful Move Abroad

How to Make a Successful Move Abroad

by Kristen Palana


Relocating to another country can be stressful, and even more so if there is a family and/or pets involved. When film director Kristen Palana found herself moving from Italy to Myanmar, she could have been overwhelmed. But she managed it thanks to her attention to detail and thorough research.

Fortunately for us, Palana has decided to share the lessons she learned from her move in her detailed course; How to Make a Successful Move Abroad. The course covers everything we might need to deal with to successfully move to another country, from getting paperwork for our pets to helping loved ones deal with the stress of the move.

Throughout the course, Palana shares clips from the vlog she started recording as soon as she learned she was moving to Myanmar, giving us a vivid sense of what each stage of the move might look like. As the course itself was made a year after Palana's move, she's also able to share some common mistakes to avoid, now that she knows better.

Favorite quote

Visualize yourself feeling, and being, and acting calm. Even if everything else is chaos around you, you are going to be the eye of the storm.

- Kristen Palana

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