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How to Live

Sarah Bakewell

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Sarah Bakewell's biography of Renaissance nobleman Michel de Montaigne explores the life of the philosopher and statesman, as well as his legacy in the present day.


How to Live

How to Live

by Sarah Bakewell


How can we live our lives to the fullest? How can we cope with grief? How can we get over our differences and get along with people? How does it feel to encounter the beyond?

In his Essays, first published in 1580, Renaissance philosopher Michel de Montaigne addressed the questions that preoccupied him, from the mundane to the metaphysical. Now, in this carefully researched biography, author and academic Sarah Bakewell illuminates the life of one of the Renaissance's most unique thinkers, and explores the interpretation and significance of Montaigne's words throughout history.

Favorite quote

Montaigne questioned himself again and again, and built up a picture of himself — a self-portrait in constant motion, so vivid that it practically gets up off the page and sits down next to you to read over your shoulder.

- Sarah Bakewell

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