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How to Listen and How to Be Heard

Alissa Carpenter

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In How to Listen and How to Be Heard, workplace communication expert Alissa Carpenter guides us through the minefields of modern office life, delivering practical advice about how to turn it into a healthy environment.


How to Listen and How to Be Heard

How to Listen and How to Be Heard

by Alissa Carpenter


If you've ever wondered why some coworkers never seem to listen or how to ensure your perspective gets aired, you've got to work on your communication skills. The modern workplace can seem to throw up potential conflict at every turn, but it's all navigable – with the right guidance.

Alissa Carpenter is a bestselling author and expert in multigenerational workplaces. Her TED talk, 'How to Humanize your Workplace,' leads with the power of good old-fashioned conversation to bridge gaps in mutual understanding. How to Listen and How to Be Heard takes us through all manner of tricky conversations and dysfunctional meetings, assessing each in a relatable way and providing sound advice to help you boost your emotional intelligence and make your workplace a better place.

Favorite quote

Only 30 percent of employees strongly feel that their opinions count at work.

- Gallup's State of the American Workplace report

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