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How to Improve Your SEO

Gary Hughes

5 mins

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This course offers SEO strategies to help you improve your search engine position and beat the competition.


How to Improve Your SEO

How to Improve Your SEO

by Gary Hughes


These days, most companies depend on the internet to grow their business. And the first place that people go to look for products or services is a search engine. Be it Google, Yahoo!, or Bing, people type in keywords, terms, or phrases and then look to the first five results to solve their problem. It's essential to have good search engine optimization, or SEO, to ensure that your website makes it to these top positions.

Gary Hughes is the founder of photography studio Hughes Fioretti Photography, and in this course, he draws from both his work experience in I.T. and photography to reveal how SEO is useful to optimize your business.

You will learn to improve your SEO strategy foundation by choosing the right keywords and relevant links to drive traffic to your website.

Favorite quote

Optimize every page on your website to get to the low hanging fruit.

- Gary Hughes

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