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How to Have Feminist SexBy Flo Perry

In a Nutshell

In this humorously illustrated book, artist Flo Perry explains how throwing away society's imposed standards and getting in touch with your own desires can lead to better sex for all.

Favorite quote

Feminism is the knowledge that you don't have to do what has always been done, or what some people might expect of you.

Flo Perry


For centuries, women have been taught to adhere to certain beliefs and standards when it comes to how they view themselves and their sexuality. Freeing yourself from patriarchal conditioning around sex can be a difficult task — but it can also be fun.

Flo Perry is an illustrator, painter, and writer based in East London, known for her humorous and relatable comics that tackle the everyday issues of many women. In this whimsical yet heartfelt book, Perry encourages us to make our own sexual choices free from social pressure, while making us aware of harmful social constructs and beliefs. Using examples and illustrations, How To Have Feminist Sex shows you how to navigate your likes and dislikes and improve your sex life through awareness and communication.

Here are the 3 key insights from this Hack

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    We’re taught many harmful beliefs, but we can choose which ones to hold on to
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