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How to Get a Job at Vogue

British Vogue, Alexa Chung

5 mins

3 key insights

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This inspiring documentary provides a glimpse into what a day at Vogue looks like and what goes on behind the scenes, and also serves a guide to landing a job there.


How to Get a Job at Vogue

How to Get a Job at Vogue

by British Vogue


Vogue is known as the fashion bible for women and style enthusiasts all around the world. But have you ever wondered what happens backstage at the nexus of fashion?

This exclusive documentary by British Vogue follows editor Alexa Chung as she takes us behind the scenes at Vogue's offices. Featuring interviews with Vogue employees of diverse backgrounds and experience, How To Get a Job at Vogue answers the tantalizing question of how to get hired at one of the most successful magazines of all time.

Favorite quote

... in mid-2020 when things started to change, it was survival of the fittest. And I think Vogue has such a specific tone and voice and brand that it didn't die like many other things did because there was still a desire for it and a need for it.

- Alexa Chung

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