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How to Develop Your Career Plan

Aimee Bateman

5 mins

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In this course, Aimee Bateman provides a simple strategy we can use to proactively build our careers.


How to Develop Your Career Plan

How to Develop Your Career Plan

by Aimee Bateman


Aimee Bateman is the founder and CEO of the successful career development platform CareerCake and well-known for her YouTube videos and TEDx talks. Bateman has played a pivotal role in the career development space, and as recognition for her work she was awarded the Talent and Innovation Award in 2013 by the Institute of Directors.

In this course, Bateman provides tools that are essential for anyone interested in vocational development, regardless of profession, niche, or unique aspirations. These simple steps are universally applicable, with the only requirement being the drive to get started.

The course is designed to provide a step-by-step approach towards the planning and implementation of personal and career goals, and overall career success. No matter at what point in our career this course finds us, the principles outlined are designed to guide us through a successful career.

Favorite quote

Life's too short to do things that you hate.

- Aimee Bateman

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