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How to Design a Successful Business Model

Mark de Reuver, Harry Bouwman, Timber Haaker, Delft University of Technology

5 mins

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In this course, business modeling experts Dr Mark de Reuver, Dr Harry Bouman and Dr Timber Haaker of Delft University demonstrate how to test an idea and grow it into a successful business.


How to Design a Successful Business Model

How to Design a Successful Business Model

by Mark de Reuver


Why do companies such as Airbnb and Google enjoy huge uptake while the majority of their competitors fade into obscurity? What key business principles do successful startups adhere to regardless of their target markets?

Mark de Reuver, Harry Bouwman, and Timber Haaker are professors at Delft University of Technology's Faculty of Technology, Policy and Management. In this course, the lecturers break down the key individual components of a sustainable business model, stressing the importance of collaboration and customer satisfaction.

Favorite quote

Your business model is not just about having a nice product or service It's about offering something that truly creates value for your customers.

- Dr Mark de Reuver

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