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How to Be Your Own Best FriendBy The Tim Ferriss Show, Tim Ferriss, Sarah Silverman

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In this January 2021 episode of The Tim Ferriss Show, comic, actor, and writer Sarah Silverman discusses her childhood depression, sexism in comedy, and how she learned to be her own best friend.

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I am a people person. But I love being alone.

Sarah Silverman


Actor and comedian Sarah Silverman made her name as a shock-comic in the hypermasculine world of standup, but her tough, in-your-face act was crafted rather than natural.

Silverman was thrown into deep clinical depression at 13 that lasted several years, and she was a bedwetter until she was 16.

But by the age of 22, Silverman had made it through and was working as a writer on Saturday Night Live.

On The Tim Ferriss Show, entrepreneur and investor Tim Ferriss dissects the mindsets and habits of top performers across various fields.

In this January 2021 episode, guest Sarah Silverman discusses how her father guided her comedy style and how she learned to be happy in her own company.

Silverman also sheds light on the Broadway musical based on her ten-year-old self, The Bedwetter.

Here are the 3 key insights from this Hack

  1. 1.
    Sarah Silverman fought through painful childhood depression to become happy with herself
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