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How to Be Bold, Resilient and Better than EverBy Tabatha Coffey

In a Nutshell

Television personality Tabatha Coffey explores the various methods for developing resiliency and becoming true to yourself – without losing sight of the feelings of other people.

Favorite Quote

Ask yourself: If I liked myself more, how would my life be different? It's a really simple question. But it can have a really, really impactful answer.

Tabatha Coffey


How do we tread the line between confidence and cockiness – and is there even a way to do so?

Self-love is an important aspect of navigating the world with confidence, but boldness isn't necessarily about being the loudest person in the room.

It's about being comfortable with who you are.

Known for her whip-smart, straightforward delivery, Tabatha Coffey has built a business empire of hair salons, popular television shows, and bestselling books.

Coffey is all about delivering practical advice that empowers her audiences to become a better version of themselves.

In this course, she offers valuable insights on being true to yourself, taking charge of your destiny, and living a happy life.

If you want to overcome your inhibitions and wish to become more confident, this course is for you.

Here are the 3 key insights from this Hack

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    Discover who you really are, and embrace your imperfections
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