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How to Be an EpicureanBy Catherine Wilson

In a Nutshell

Philosopher Catherine Wilson provides an accessible introduction to the ancient Greek philosophy of Epicureanism and explains how it can be applied to our modern lives.

Favorite quote

He saw that almost everything that necessity demands for subsistence had already been provided for mortals … and yet he found that, notwithstanding this prosperity, all of them privately had hearts ranked with anxiety.

Lucretius, Roman Epicurean philosopher


Is it possible that an ancient philosophy can help us live happier, more meaningful lives?

Although Epicureanism was founded over 2,000 years ago, it addresses the same fundamental issues of our human condition that we are still grappling with in the 21st century.

Catherine Wilson is a philosopher who has published eight books, several of which are about Epicureanism.

In How to Be an Epicurean, Wilson hopes to build a foundation upon which readers can construct their own personal philosophies.

Epicureanism has long been negatively associated with irresponsible hedonism, but Wilson demonstrates that this is an unfair simplification, highlighting the many insights that Epicureanism may offer to our fast-paced, modern way of living.

Here are the 3 key insights from this Hack

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    Epicureanism is based on a few key ideas about how the world works
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