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How to Be a Positive Leader

Jane E. Dutton, Gretchen Spreitzer

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How To Be A Positive Leader taps into the expertise of leadership experts to show you how you can become a positive leader who empowers others with small changes that compound into a big impact.


How to Be a Positive Leader

How to Be a Positive Leader

by Jane E. Dutton


The times of fear-led leadership are over. Many employees won't accept the old top-down approach these days and will assert their right to a better work-life balance.

The fact that we're all human seeps into companies and their culture. However, for many leaders, this requires a serious change in how they interact with people. This is where How To Be A Positive Leader comes in, with plenty of small, actionable changes you can make to make sure you radiate positive energy and give power to those around you. Jane Dutton and Gretchen Spreitzer, both professors of business, have pulled together advice from 15 leadership experts in order to provide you with the best tools to succeed as a leader.

Favorite quote

Bringing out the best in oneself, and in others, means paying attention to and investing in the quality of the social fabric where we are growing and performing.

- Jane Dutton

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