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How Not to Worry

Paul McGee

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In How Not to Worry, motivational speaker Paul McGee explains how worries are created by the mind, and how they can be calmed by it.


How Not to Worry

How Not to Worry

by Paul McGee


Why are our levels of stress and depression on the rise despite our relatively high quality of life — and how can we fix it?

Paul McGee is a motivational speaker and performance coach who has authored bestsellers such as Self-Confidence and S.U.M.O. With his background in behavioral psychology, McGee tackles the mental habits that keep us from living our best lives.

In How Not To Worry, McGee describes how we can break out of the rotating cycle of worry, anxiety, and stress. With engaging and practical advice, this Uptime Hack will teach you how to reduce, manage, and redirect anxiety down healthier avenues.

Favorite quote

Don't waste your emotional energy getting angry with strangers you'll never meet again ... Save your anger for something more worthwhile.

- Paul McGee

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