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Holistic ManagementBy Allan Savory, Jody Butterfield

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As once-healthy soils degrade to dust in ever-growing quantities, Allan Savory argues the case for a revolution in land management that hinges on holism, the theory that the moving parts of an ecosystem need to be treated as one complex entity.

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I see the possibility of wonderful times ahead as we both enjoy the fruits of technology and learn to live within our ecosystem's rules.

Allan Savory


Humanity has a major problem: populations are rising, yet the global stock of healthy soil is falling. Fundamental to food production, we also need healthy soil to reduce greenhouse gases in our atmosphere.

Born in Zimbabwe, livestock farmer and ecologist Allan Savory noticed the rapid deterioration of his environment and dedicated his life to looking for answers to soil degradation.

In Holistic Management, Savory concludes that we have the tools to restore our environments, but we must act now.

Savory's solution is rooted in reconnecting land managers with the environments under their care. This is only possible by taking a holistic approach to managing ecosystems, which will ensure healthy soils for future generations.

The book covers how to establish a holistic context, the fundamental drivers of ecosystems, the best use of the tools at a land manager's disposal, holistic decision making, and the practical details of holistic management.

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    Animal impact is the only realistic tool at our disposal to halt the desertification of millions of hectares of overexposed soil in brittle environments
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