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Here & Hereafter

Tyler Henry

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In his book, Here & Hereafter, celebrity medium Tyler Henry shares the spiritual lessons he has gleaned from his work seeking communication with the dead and how we can implement these into our own lives.


Here & Hereafter

Here & Hereafter

by Tyler Henry


Do the dead have valuable wisdom to share with us? How can you incorporate lessons from the departed in your daily life? Tyler Henry is a world-renowned medium who guides people in communicating with loved ones who have died. Henry's clients range from everyday people to celebrities such as La Toya Jackson, who Henry reportedly helped reconnect with her departed brother, pop star Michael Jackson.

In his 2022 book, Here & Hereafter, Henry shares wisdom he has collected during his work as a medium that we can use to live better lives now. Henry has hosted two TV shows: Hollywood Medium with Tyler Henry on the E! Network, and Life After Death with Tyler Henry on Netflix.

Favorite quote

The more we know ourselves, the more we can see what's true to ourselves.

- Tyler Henry

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