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Hello, Molly!By Molly Shannon, Sean Wilsey

In a Nutshell

In her autobiography, actress and comedian Molly Shannon shares her rise to fame, from her difficult childhood to Saturday Night Live achievements.

Favorite quote

It's important to go to the people who love you and who want to work with you as opposed to trying to convince people who don't … No matter how far you've come … you're always going to have to get to the next place, so you might as well enjoy where you are.

Molly Shannon


Actress and comedian Molly Shannon's most famous Saturday Night Live character, Mary Katherine Gallagher, became a hit overnight for Shannon's impeccable physical comedy and iconic one-liners.

But before she was one of SNL's biggest stars, Shannon was a burnt-out actor, trying to make it in Hollywood.

In her autobiography, Hello, Molly!, Shannon brings readers on a behind-the-scenes journey of her life, beginning with the accident that turned her life upside down.

Shannon's book sheds light on her young adult adventures, from attending New York University to moving to Los Angeles, all the way to her memories at Saturday Night Live and beyond.

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    A tragic car accident completely reshaped Shannon’s family life
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