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Healing After the Loss of Your Mother

Elaine Mallon

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This 2018 book is a guide to healthy grieving for those coping with the passing of their mother.


Healing After the Loss of Your Mother

Healing After the Loss of Your Mother

by Elaine Mallon


Our mother brings us into this world. She gives us life, she is our first friend, our first caregiver, and our first source of love. It's no wonder that the loss of our mother can be the most difficult time in our lives, leaving us raw and confused. Losing your mother will change you forever, but it can provide clarity as you sort through your priorities in the most profound grief possible.

Elaine Mallon is an author whose mother died unexpectedly. Overwhelmed by depression, she took to researching strategies for healthy grieving and acceptance so she could find strength in weakness. In this book, Mallon uses her extensive research and personal experience to help center those reeling from grief and create a space for growth.

Favorite quote

Don't just remember how she died, keep remembering how she lived.

- Elaine Mallon

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