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HBR Guide to Changing Your Career

Harvard Business Review

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This Harvard Business Review guide teaches readers how to reinvent their professional selves, with expert advice from professionals and academics of all spheres.


HBR Guide to Changing Your Career

HBR Guide to Changing Your Career

by Harvard Business Review


Career changes can be intimidating. From choosing a new field to figuring out how to break in, the process of finding a new job can be enough to scare us away from making a much-needed change.

The Harvard Business Review Guide to Changing Your Career aims to address all career shift queries, whether you're unsure how to target your professional passions or want to know how to market yourself in a new field. The guide consists of advice from 19 different business professionals and academics and is aimed at both mid-level professionals and experienced veterans.

If you're looking for specific advice on how best to navigate the ever-changing 21st-century workforce, you're in the right place.

Favorite quote

Change, especially for something as deeply held as your work identity, can feel scary. But it's an enormous opportunity for discovery and growth. We all have numerous possible selves.

- Harvard Business Review

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