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Grow a New Body

Alberto Villoldo

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Psychologist and medical anthropologist Alberto Villoldo recounts his experiences with Amazonian and Andean shamans, encounters that led him to discover the interconnectedness of the mind and the universe.


Grow a New Body

Grow a New Body

by Alberto Villoldo


Modern life has disrupted the intricate relationship between our minds and bodies. When we feel a little off, we may try to fix ourselves with self-help books. When we have cancer, we go to an oncologist. When we need help understanding our family dynamics, we go to a psychologist. We see our ailments as separate from one another. But our fragmented approach to health means we often treat the symptoms of our ailments rather than their causes.

Psychologist and medical anthropologist Alberto Villoldo spent many months with Amazonian and Andean shamans learning their ancient practices for wellness: One Spirit medicine. One Spirit medicine recognizes the body as a system – not just a collection of parts. Our bodies are continually regenerating themselves. Villoldo passes on the shamans' principles and practices that allow us to tap into this ability and enhance it.

Shamanic teachings can show you how you can clear your mind, detoxify your gut, and reconnect with the spirit of the universe.

Favorite quote

As you release your old, fear-based approach to life, you will find you have more faith in your ability to handle uncertainty. You will gain a sense of living in a world that is safe and welcoming, and a universe that supports your intentions and what you value as truly important.

- Alberto Villoldo

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