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Green Illusions

Ozzie Zehner

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Is green energy really as 'green' as we think it is? Author Ozzie Zehner deconstructs common myths about green energy, exploring the hidden costs and the societal and environmental repercussions of these new 'green' technologies.


Green Illusions

Green Illusions

by Ozzie Zehner


Green energy is presented to us as a clean and efficient alternative to fossil fuels; an alternative that makes energy production safer and more environmentally-friendly.

But if this is the entire truth, posits Ozzie Zehner, then what's stopping us from banning fossil fuels and building vast wind parks, solar fields, big hydroelectric plants and other green energy facilities?

Zehner gives us an answer to this question by revealing the hidden costs of green energy and the conditions that bred the 'energy crisis.'

Zehner is an author and visiting scholar at the University of California, Berkeley. His research is focused on the social, political, and economic factors that influence energy projects and policies. In his first book, Green Illusions, he delves deep into the flaws of green tech, exposing the other side of the renewable energy coin.

Favorite quote

Why do the options of wind, solar and biofuels flow from our minds so freely as solutions to our various energy dilemmas, while conservation and walkable neighborhoods do not? Why do we seem to have a predisposition for preferring production over energy reduction?

- Ozzie Zehner

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