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Go Fund Yourself

Alice Tapper

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A guide for managing money in the 21st century, courtesy of self-confessed finance geek Alice Tapper.


Go Fund Yourself

Go Fund Yourself

by Alice Tapper


Today, money rules almost everything. Yet many of us muddle through life without ever fully understanding how to effectively manage our finances.

Alice Tapper, a financial literacy and inclusion campaigner, is on a mission to change the way young people approach money. In this book, Tapper tackles all facets of personal finance without jargon or judgment – from identifying how you want to make money, to advice on how to pay off debts and guides for investing and buying property. Primarily aimed at people in their 20s and 30s but relevant for all age groups, Go Fund Yourself provides practical information on how to take control of your financial situation so you can live the life you want to live.

Favorite quote

This book isn't a guide to getting loaded or retiring before forty. Instead, it's about how you can earn, spend and invest your way towards living your best life and maybe even help others live their best lives too.

- Alice Tapper

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