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This documentary tells the story of former professional football player Steve Gleason and his inspiring struggle against the debilitating illness that cut short his career.




by J. Clay Tweel


NFL player Steve Gleason was young and in the peak of physical health when he started developing unusual muscle twitching in his arms. Thinking it was a minor injury, Steve was hopeful for recovery, but soon learned he was afflicted with a debilitating and likely fatal illness.

Steve Gleason had a sterling career as a safety for the New Orleans Saints, and had married the love of his life. The diagnosis of ALS, the same neurological muscle condition that affected Stephen Hawking, came as a shock. But Gleason decided early on that the disease destroying his body was not going to crush his spirit.

In this uplifting documentary, Steve Gleason takes us  into his world, showing in painfully honest detail his life as an ALS sufferer determined to make the most of the time he has left.

Favorite quote

But I just think there is a bigger battle there about being able to say, okay, I have this diagnosis, and it's not going to crush my life, even if it does crush my body.

- Steve Gleason

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