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Glad You Asked: What Happens When We Die?

Chad Mumm, Joe Posner, Joie Jacoby

5 mins

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In this October 2019 episode of Vox's YouTube series Glad You Asked, viewers are invited to explore death and what it might be like to experience it.


Glad You Asked: What Happens When We Die?

Glad You Asked: What Happens When We Die?

by Chad Mumm


The one thing guaranteed in life is death. We still know very little about what happens when the moment arrives, however. Following a conversation with a viewer, the team at Vox's Glad You Asked decided to answer the unanswerable: What happens when we die?

From defining the internet to figuring out why we cry, Vox's Glad You Asked is a YouTube Originals series. It explores the most-asked questions on YouTube. In this 2019 episode, Glad You Asked producer and presenter Alex Clark ponders the meaning of death from both physical and non-physical perspectives with scientists. He also meets survivors of near-death experiences.

Favorite quote

I was skeptical. I was a scientist before I went into medicine … But I'm absolutely certain that consciousness survives death and that we keep going through a cycle.

- Dr. Tony Circoria, near-death experience survivor

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