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Giving and Receiving Feedback

Gemma Leigh Roberts

5 mins

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In Giving and Receiving Feedback, Gemma Leigh Roberts explains why we should stop fearing feedback and how we can ultimately benefit and grow from it.


Giving and Receiving Feedback

Giving and Receiving Feedback

by Gemma Leigh Roberts


For many of us, giving and receiving feedback is a challenging, if not agonizing, experience. When it comes to receiving feedback, we tend to focus on negatives over positives. Even if someone were to tell you ten of your strengths, and one of your weaknesses, we all know which you'll focus on.

Leadership expert and psychologist Gemma Leigh Roberts' mantra is that feedback is necessary for improving both personal and organizational areas of life. This course teaches how to immediately embrace feedback and provide your own critiques in a respectful and useful way to others.

Favorite quote

If you want to enhance your technical skills, build strong relationships, boost your interpersonal and communication skills and improve your performance in any area of your life, focus on feedback.

- Gemma Leigh Roberts

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