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Girls Can Kiss Now

Jill Gutowitz

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Writer Jill Gutowitz explores the mainstreaming of lesbian culture through television and celebrity, examining what it reveals about society's attitudes toward queer women.


Girls Can Kiss Now

Girls Can Kiss Now

by Jill Gutowitz


From paparazzi photos to Netflix shows, the images and narratives we absorb on a daily basis, no matter how trivial, have a deep effect on society. Keeping up with celebrity gossip is often vilified as a pastime for the shallow or stupid, but pop culture should be examined as a lens into our collective consciousness, desires, and imagination.

Author and pop culture obsessive Jill Gutowitz's essay collection, Girls Can Kiss Now, explores the representation of lesbians in the media over time. Examining how different mainstream representations of queerness have molded her own sexual identity, Gutowitz presents a heady mix of anecdotes and analysis to help us understand the importance of the media we surround ourselves with.

Favorite quote

Pop culture influences the way we talk, the way we dress, the words we use, the conversations we have, our politics, even how we define love. It molds us, and in return, we mold it.

- Jill Gutowitz

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