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Getting to Yes with Yourself

William Ury

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In his follow-up to Getting to Yes, author William Ury helps us find the inner acceptance needed for outward negotiation.


Getting to Yes with Yourself

Getting to Yes with Yourself

by William Ury


Our greatest opponent in life is often ourselves. We self-bargain, criticize our own behavior, and become disconnected from what we actually want. Getting to Yes with Yourself offers solutions to discovering an inner awareness that will set us up for better negotiations with others.

Author and co-founder of the Harvard Negotiation Program, William Ury helped redefine negotiation strategy in the highly influential 1981 bestseller Getting to Yes. In this self-described prequel, Ury shifts the focus inward – to the negotiations we have with ourselves.

Getting to Yes with Yourself is an empowering book that teaches us to find a state of peace internally before we negotiate externally. Ury backs up his insights with anecdotes from his wide-ranging career as a negotiation advisor. He encourages us to get in touch with ourselves, come to terms with everything life throws at us, and find our true purpose.

Favorite quote

If we can learn to influence ourselves first before we seek to influence others, we will be better able to satisfy our needs as well as to satisfy the needs of others.

- William Ury

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