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Get Your Writing Done

Jennifer Louden

5 mins

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Best-selling author Jen Louden provides effective strategies for improving your writing skills, motivation, and concentration, in order to finally finish that work you've started.


Get Your Writing Done

Get Your Writing Done

by Jennifer Louden


If you're a writer, you're probably familiar with the struggles of starting and finishing your work. Many things get in the way of keeping creative juices flowing. Procrastination? Lack of focus? If you're a writer, these common obstructions are hard to avoid.

Technology can be a great help for writers, but it can disrupt productivity levels, too. Whether it's social media, watching videos, or playing online games, there are many ways to block your focus in the modern age.

If you're a writer who has experienced productivity struggles or writer's block halfway through a project, you're not alone. Feeling stuck happens to almost every writer, even successful authors. Jen Louden has over 26 years' worth of experience in teaching. She has coached more than one million pupils with her tried-and-tested tricks for producing excellent work under strict deadlines. In this Creative Live course, Louden demonstrates how to become more focused on your writing goals.

Favorite quote

It's how we work with our minds. It's how we work with our neurobiology. It's the stories that we tell ourselves about being a writer, more even than craft.

- Jen Louden

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