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Get Your Sh*t Together

Sarah Knight

5 mins

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Get Your Sh*t Together is an irreverent antidote to the self-help genre, which provides a clear roadmap to identifying and getting what you really want, and letting go of everything else.


Get Your Sh*t Together

Get Your Sh*t Together

by Sarah Knight


Outwardly, Sarah Knight looked like she had it all together – a comfy corporate job in New York City and a nice apartment. This was the perfect picture of a hyper-organized, type A go-getter climbing the corporate ladder.

But by her early 30s, Knight realized she really didn't have it together – she was miserable to the point of physical illness. So the 'anti-guru' made a plan to get her own sh*t sorted. She left her job, sold her apartment, and moved to the Caribbean to work for herself.

In Get Your Sh*t Together, the 'writer, editor, and recovering perfectionist' details exactly how she managed her life-changing move, from concept to execution. Whether your goals are more or less ambitious, Knight presents a workable path to getting it together and ending up happier.

Favorite quote

For most of us, not having our sh*t together is merely an inconvenient state of being, not a true character flaw.

- Sarah Knight

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