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From Manchester with LoveBy Paul Morley

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A chronicle of journalist and musical kingpin Tony Wilson, diving into his extraordinary life — in all its epic scale.

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This is the kind of music biography where Aristotle appears in the index.

Paul Morley


In the 1980s, Manchester emerged from Liverpool's shadow to become the northern center of the British music scene, largely thanks to one man's determination.

Tony Wilson was a TV host, music entrepreneur, and above all, a proud Mancunian.

As dedicated to uncovering local talent as to the Manchester United football team, Wilson used his TV profile and multi-faceted Factory Records enterprise to kick-start a process of city-wide change whose effects are still felt today.

Paul Morley was a Wilson protégé before decanting to London to become a core writer at the New Musical Express, where he championed northern music — and especially the output of Factory Records.

The book's title comes from a stage banner on the breakthrough U.S. tour by Happy Mondays, Wilson's greatest discovery after Joy Division and New Order.

The banner was evidence that Manchester's musical scenes had crossed the borders of the UK.

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    Manchester was always a pioneering city
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