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Free Will

Sam Harris

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Philosopher and neurologist Sam Harris conducts a deep exploration of both our psyches and societies in search of what drives the essence of our thoughts and choices.


Free Will

Free Will

by Sam Harris


Most of us have come to internalize the idea that free will is a fact, one that allows us to navigate our lives as active participants and leaders. However, many would argue that free will is a mere illusion perpetuated by our lack of awareness regarding the mental, neurological, and societal processes that direct our thoughts.

Sam Harris is a philosopher, neuroscientist, and bestselling author. Known as an outspoken atheist, Harris is on a never-ending quest to demystify the world, providing scientific and material explanations for seemingly mysterious processes.

Free Will explores the ways in which nature and nurture make up the blueprint for our decision-making. As we examine why we do what we do, we start to both understand and question the hidden movements that lie behind our choices.

Favorite quote

A moment or two of serious self-scrutiny and you might observe that you no more decide the next thought you think, than the next thing I say.

- Sam Harris

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