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Foundations of Finance

Doug Williamson, University of Cambridge

5 mins

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This edX course from the University of Cambridge will teach you the basics of how companies and investors manage money and capital.


Foundations of Finance

Foundations of Finance

by Doug Williamson


Finance is the management and use of money — it's how money makes the world go round. Financial principles are key to understanding modern economies and societies, and can help you make wiser investment decisions.

Doug Williamson is a chartered accountant and finance tutor for the University of Cambridge and the Association of Corporate Treasurers. In this edX course from the University of Cambridge, Williamson explains the features of the financial system and how companies and investors make financial decisions. The course touches on money and capital, financial statements, cash flows, risk, and interest.

Favorite quote

Capitalism is … based on the concept that the owners of capital are entitled to a reward for putting their capital at risk.

- Doug Williamson

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