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Forensics: the Anatomy of Crime

Val McDermid

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Forensics: The Anatomy Of Crime gives you an inside look at all the different fields of criminal forensics and their history, outlining how crime investigation has changed dramatically within the last 200 years.


Forensics: the Anatomy of Crime

Forensics: the Anatomy of Crime

by Val McDermid


If you're intrigued by crime fiction, then you'll love this one. Val McDermid has written countless novels, but she's also written Forensics: The Anatomy Of Crime, a non-fiction book about the science that's the lifeblood of her crime stories, explaining all aspects of forensics in great detail. If you're aspiring to decipher clues in your life like Sherlock, then this book is for you.

Favorite quote

We make high demands on the people we expect to deliver justice, and we don't always appreciate how much it eats away at them.

- Val McDermid

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